Dustin Painter

Audio Producer | Music Composer | Nashville TN

Dustin Painter is a composer, sound designer, and audio producer for all forms of media including film, television, video games, and marketing. He has studied at Western Carolina University and University of Southern California for audio production, film and media scoring, sound design, and audio engineering. He is currently based in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area.

Credits include: Mr. Lockjaw, Scotch: A Golden Dream, Ball Up, Jason Nash is Married, Shove Pro, and Nevermind. 

Original Compositions

Orchestral and Chamber Compositions

Non-Orchestral Compositions

Audio production | music composition videos

Siemens and United Launch Alliance - The Space Connection (Original Music, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Audio Mixing)

CPR Saves VR (Original Music, Sound Design, Audio Mix)


Scotch: A Golden Dream - Soundtrack Suite (Original Music)


Inventor's Portrait: Kevin Standish (Original Music, Sound Design, Audio Mix)



CFNC Pay for College (Original Music)


VO and Marketing Recording/Audio Mixing


Too Funny To Fail (Score Technical Engineer) (2017) - Directed by Josh Greenbaum | Music by John Piscitello

Scotch -A Golden Dream (2017) - Directed by Andrew Peat

Body Story (2016) - Directed by Nick Nylen

In The Pines (2016) - Directed by Caleb Dillon

Mr. Lockjaw (2015) - Directed by Byron Conrad Erwin

The Lost Captain (2015) - Directed by Christopher Read

The Oxide Incident (2015) - Directed by Nick Nylen

Rest Stop (2015) - Directed by Patrick Abernethy

Truckin' (2014) - Directed by Diane H. Newman

Jason Nash is Married (2014) – Directed by Jason Nash

Alphabeats iOS Game (2014) - Rad Dragon

Wagoozi Word iOS Game (2014) - Wagoozi

Aegis (2014) - Directed by Charlie Buhler 

Subway "Fairy Tales" (2014) - Directed by Jon Sahagian

Why We Play: Evelyn Stevens (2014) - Soul Pancake (an Aleph Films Production)

The Archivist (2013) (Associate Score Producer) – Composer Darren Fung

Winter Garden (2013) (Associate Score Producer) – Composer Darren Fung

This is What Democracy Sounds Like (2013) (Associate Score Producer)  – Composer Darren Fung

Little Black Boy Wonder (2013) – Directed by Mo McRae 

Kings and Beggars (2013) – Directed by Mo McRae

The Pier (2013) – Directed by Chris Abernathy 

Orc Wars (2013) - (Additional Music) - Directed by Kohl Glass

Reason to Hope (2013) – Directed by John Greer

Truckin’ (2013) – Produced by Noah Chamow

Wild Skies (2013) – Developed by Project Holodeck

audiocasm. (2013) – Design, Art, Programming by Evan Sforza and Jonghwa Kim

Ball Up (additional music) (2012) - FoxSports

Shove Pro iOS Game (2012) – Rad Dragon

Beyond the Echo of the Drum (2012) - Directed by Lori Webster 

In Brotherhood (2012) - Created by Garen Thomas

Nevermind (2012) (Video Game Sound Design) - Created by Erin Reynolds

The High Five Apprentice (2012) - Directed and Animated by Tom Kanter

Color Correction (2012) - Directed by Keaton McGruder

Paulie (2011) - Directed by Andrew Nackman

Jason Nash is Married Season 2 (2011) - Created by Jason Nash

Crossing West Burros Bridge (2011) - Directed by John Ciccarelli

Reborn (2011) - Directed by Xu Zhang

The Dreaming Tree (2011) - Directed by Carey McKelvey. 

Fault (2011) - Directed by Mike Santoro.

Get Down (2010) - Directed by Carey McKelvey

Detour by Sandswept Studios (2010) - Created by Geoff Keene

Red Springs (2010) - Directed by Kirk Gunton

UNC-TV Teachers Documentary (2009) – Music Produced by Dr. Bruce Frazier